How does a full review work?

  1. Your URL and email address will be sent to us upon payment.
  2. We will be notified of your payment and will respond to your email address.
  3. We will ask you for each area of focus (see terms below) to be reviewed any extra instructions.
  4. Upon receipt of the above information, we will provide a deadline.
    Typically, full reviews will be completed within 5 working days.
  5. We will record a review video and write a corresponding document for area of focus.
    This documentation will provide a written reference of the salient points in the review. We may also include other analysis here if necessary.
    We will also provide a cover document containing a summary of the review.
  6. Videos and documentation will be sent to you upon completion within the agreed deadline.


For sites with 10 areas of focus or less, a full review is €100.

For sites with more than 10 areas of focus, an extra charge of €5 per area of focus is applied.
If you would like to purchase a review with more than 10 areas of focus, please contact Anthony directly at malloc[at]

Terms and Conditions

An area of focus is defined as any specific URL, website page, user flow or element of your website.

A user flow is the series of steps a user takes to complete an action such as signing up to a service or purchasing a product.

By purchasing a review, you are agreeing to the review video terms and conditions.