How does it all work?

  1. Your URL and email address will be sent to us upon payment.
  2. We will be notified of your payment and will record a video as soon as possible.
  3. Once the video is recorded, it will be uploaded to and we will send the link to your email address.

What's in it for you?

You will get a 5 minute (approx.) review of your website by a human.

Your website may be featured on our youtube channel and website.

Website, UI or graphic design

Every project is different. Every project deserves individual attention. If you are interested in having your website, UI or graphic designed by us, please send Anthony an email at malloc[at]

Anthony will be happy to discuss the best approach for you and your project as well as pricing options.

Mailing list

Firstly, your email is safe. We will not sell it or pass it on to anybody else.

Occasionally we will post a thread on reddit offering free videos for the first few commenters. These fill up fast. We will notify our mailing list subscribers when we are going to make a thread, so you can get in early.

We wont make these threads too often so don't worry, your inbox will be safe.

Finally, we may send emails once a month with a few updates about our service.

Term and Conditions

We reserve all rights to videos produced, their distribution, promotion and the use of videos as content marketing. We also reserve the right to advertisement revenue generated from videos we produce. does not sell videos, we sell website design consultancy.

We reserve the right to refuse to review websites at our discretion. If we refuse to review your website, we will contact you to arrange full repayment.

We will not review illegal content.

Websites that contain adult material or material that we deem unpleasant or otherwise unsuitable for all audiences may be reviewed subject to an extra fee. This fee is likely to be triple the standard rate.

Reviews are conducted in the Republic of Ireland. If your website or content is not available in the Republic of Ireland, your review may not be conducted.

If your website is not accessible at the time of review, we will try to make contact and arrange a review at a future time. Your payment will not be returned if your website is not accessible through no fault of the reviewer.

During busy periods, your review may not be conducted by Anthony Malloc. If your review is being conducted by an individual that has not yet posted a public video on behalf of, you will be notified prior to the review being conducted. You will have 48 hours from the time of this notice to notify if you are unhappy with your reviewer.